Grey Tile Bathroom

If you are looking for a minimal drama and a lot of allure, gray is the go-to choice. Gray is a flattering colour and exists in many shades and textures: from pearly gray to the darker, more intense hues of anthracite that approach absolute black, as well as the warmer variants of greige (beige and gray) and mud. Refin’s tile collection is plenty of metal, resin, and cement tile effects or featuring a more intense contrasts with different tile patterns.


Gray is more than just a storm cloud. It’s the shade of elegance and infinite solutions. It reminds to those quiet moments of contemplation apart from the influences of the outside world.

A gray tile bathroom never overwhelms the greater picture, and your personal effects and preferred splashes of color will only enhance the overall effect of your bathroom space.

Your gray tile bathroom is a gentle retreat room to restore after a long day out. Your gray tiled bathroom welcomes you and your guests alike with the promise of absolute serenity.

Dove gray or dusty tones, warm shades, neutrals or colder tones are available in the various materials, especially exclusive stone and precious marble tile effects.

Browse our selection of gray bathroom tiles in different shapes in the various collections. Refin’s gray tiles are ideal for an end result that is sophisticated yet simple, elegant and modern in its minimalism.