Glass-effect Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom –– The modern glass effect bathroom by Refin is a real eye-catcher purpose.

Inspired by the way light plays on glass, Refin created the Vetri collection.

Nowadays architects and designers are making ever more use of glass, especially because of its unique technical and aesthetic features. The characteristics of glass are transparency, heat resistance, pressure and breakage resistance and chemical resistance.

Glass reminds the sensations of openness, clarity and harmony due to the active role played from the light.

The glass-effect tiles of Refin are thought for modern and minimalistic lovers. The approach to interior design of this collection is think clean with a tight edit and a concise and refined color palette.

Do you crave for elegant simplicity? Now imagine the interior of your bathroom renewed with glass-effect tiles. To do this, you should abandon the decor and non-functional parts and focus on the spaciousness and a large amount of light.