Brown Tile Bathroom



Brown is the color of the Earth. In the traditional imaginary is also connected to concepts of reliability, elegance, stability, and honesty. Its natural, neutral color is typically associated with the Autumn and Winter seasons reminding the warmth energy of the house.

Brown porcelain stoneware wall and floor tiles can create a traditional feeling but also give a urban style with some specific patterns. The Bricklane collection of Refin offers innovative brown shades and patterns that maintain a continuity with the past but able to adapt to both modern and classic settings.

Refin’s brown tile bathroom selection goes from hazelnut to mud colours with a variety of finishes, from more traditional and rustic looks to utterly exclusive and elegant effects.

If you are looking for a more cosy and minimalistic feeling, there are several brown tile bathroom effects that you can fall in love with. These arises from the encounter between the natural effect of the wood and the splendour of the stone. Refin brown wood-look stoneware tiles can give a special Nordic atmosphere to your bathroom and cheer you up any time you come back home.

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