Tribes Eindhoven

Mobile Office Network

Tribes is the new network of mobile offices for workers from every field and origin who are able to find a common space; a new type of professional class described as the ‘business nomads‘. Tribes provides internet access, virtual offices, meeting rooms, flexible work areas suited to all requirements; a business space that isn’t an office in the traditional sense of the word.

The first of these ‘mobile offices‘ has been opened in April in Eindhoven, within the Eindhoven flight forum, a short distance away from the airport, and is an admirable example of how, according to project or work type, it is possible to find the most suitable space, where ideas are able to flow freely and transform into business

The Tribes space project and concept have been designed by AbrahamsCrielaers; a studio with considerable experience in the translation of brand values into contemporary interiors, through the skilled use of materials, colour and lighting.

Jimmy Nelson’s fascinating photographs guided designers in their choice of materials and furnishings: leather, wood, coconut and bright colours, harmonised by nature herself, creating surprising yet pleasantly comfortable interiors.

Tribes in Eindhoven is characterised by interiors reminiscent of nomad tents, both in terms of colour, materials and accessories. Extensive open spaces are used to recreate interiors suited to a vast array of situations: numerous corners mingle with work terminals located among long desks and wide tables. There is an abundance of areas for meetings and conference, characterised by diverse styles and sizes.

FOSSIL flooring provided a winning touch to the Tribes concept, focused on conferring work spaces with nomadic and natural features. Both the ceramic product and architectonic project derive from the same creative reflections and philosophy.

The end result is a perfectly homogeneous environment, characterised by the use of different colours and patterns of flooring for the visual delimitation of various areas and connections between them, with a truly remarkable result.

Tribes Mobile Office Network