Seminars and events

Seminars and events

The conferences and the most exclusive events

Since 2003 Refin Ceramiche has committed itself to the organization of free conferences on architecture and materials for designers, and events on design during important exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

These events have recently seen the presence of world-famous Designers and Artists such as Sandra Bermudez, Elio Fiorucci, Peter Halley, Karim Rashid, Satyendra Pakhalè. The events are organized in collaboration with DesignTaleStudio, Refin Ceramiche creative lab.

Materiali & Architetture
From years now, the conferences Materiali & Architetture (“Materials & Architectures”) have been a chance to meet important figures in the world of design such as: Mario Botta, Guido Canali, Aldo Cibic, Mario Cucinella, Michele De Lucchi, Alessando Mendini, Marc Sadler, Matteo Thun and many more. The perfect opportunity to talk about the use of the materials in today’s architecture and to have new design tips from the most important names in the field.

Trade Fairs
Refin Ceramiche is a constant presence in all major international fairs construction, design and furniture. From Cersaie to Mosbuild, 100% Design Coverings, our reserves stand pleasant surprises to anyone who comes to visit.